Flower and Star Tattoos花和星星纹身图案的设计和想法

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Truly feminine. The Flower and Star tattoos goes perfectly with women who wants to convey a message of love, beauty, passion and high goals for reaching the stars. It is sure signature of womanhood. The flowers can be any such as Lilies, Hibiscus, Lotus or Rose and stars can be a simple single star with five points or six points or it may also be cluster of stars. Many also opt for shooting star as it symbolizes luck and success. There are several good artworks with Flower and Star tattoos and can easily be found on the Web. Here are few unique examples of such tattoos.

真正的女性化。花和星星的纹身与妇女的完美搭配 谁想要传达一个爱,美丽,激情和高目标的信息 到达星星。它是女性确认签名。花 可以是任何如百合、芙蓉、莲花、玫瑰和星星可以 简单的单星有五点或六点,也可能是 星簇。许多人也选择拍摄星星,因为它象征着 运气和成功。有几个很好的艺术品与花和星 纹身,可以很容易地在网络上找到。这里有几个独特 这种纹身的例子。

Flower and Star Tattoos

Flower and Stars Tattoo

Flowers and Stars Tattoos

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Star and Flower Tattoos

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